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This journal is deemed not worksafe for stupidity

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That Tall Girl

Naruto feh



February 14th, 2007

Shocking Naruto news:Kurenai is preggers with Asuma's baby!Holy premarital ninja sex,batman!And Asuma died about 15 chapters ago.I love how this was one of those crazy fan theories and it actually came true.Sometimes they can have a stroke of genius between writing Baki/Hanabi fanfic.

In non-anime related news,I am going to start reading more classics.I have started with Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier.After that I will quickly read American Gods by Neil Gaiman,because even though it was published around 2002,it Neil freaking-genius-writer Gaiman,and that makes it a classic in its own right.

If Christy is sick one more day,I think I might just march up to Benton and drag her to school...in her underwear...by her hair.
Haha,supposedly her brother was searching around the school this morning looking for me.I evaded him like the sneaky ninja I am.

December 26th, 2006

Well,this Christmas was just delightful,even if it did include Hannah's dramatics.
I got my box-set of Jim Henson fantasy films.I must say,anyone who might be reading and hasn't seen Mirrormask,Labyrinth,or the Dark Crystal is severely missing something in their life.David Bowie as Jareth the Goblin King?Priceless.And I think I have a crush on Valentine from Mirrormask,even though he doesn't really have a face.
I also got the Naruto necklace I've been wanting.
Isn't it beautiful?
My dad got me and all my siblings 4GB MP-3 players.He was just a little slow and ordered them last Wednesday.They've come in,but we're leaving for Branson tomorrow.
I'm thinking about saving up my money and getting the Gravitation box-set.I know a couple of girls at my school that I can invite over to my house and have a Gravitation Party.I think I'll force Christy to come too.And I can jsut hear her screams now: "NO EMMA!!I AM NOT WATCHING YOUR GAY ANIME ABOUT A FAIRY-QUEEN PINK-HAIRED BOY AND HIS LOVER!!!"Oh,I get excited just thinking about it.

December 18th, 2006

"I would like to see a forklift lift a box full of forks...because that would be so damn literal."
Mitch Hedberg

All I have is my Chemistry exam(which better be ready for an ass-kicking by tomorrow)and I am done for another semester.I am going to be sad that Speech is over though.Had some good times in there.But Drama is going to be just as glorious.I have a posse of juniors at my beck and call.I am their leader.

I can't wait for February 13-15.
Feb. 13:Gravitation Ex vol.1 comes out
Feb. 14:Valentine's Day,and because I am so popular,my candy quota will not go empty.
Fed. 15:Naruto:Hurricane Chronicles starts.I'm counting down the days.

The series of books called The Dresden Files is incredibly awesome.Its about a wizard named Harry Dresden(who is so much cooler than the other wizard named Harry if you know what I mean).And he fights crime....and vampires,evil wizards,and werewolves.Its pretty much the coolest thing ever.And anyone reading this should go out and face the Christmas crowds and buy the first book NOW.

October 13th, 2006

Catgirls Oo-la-la

Naruto feh
Today while I was at the mall trying my best to sniff out(with my stuffed-up nose) the 8th volume of Death Note,I saw something I have only seen in animes and the pages of Shojo Beat.It was a gothic-loli catgirl.She was all frills and lace and had tiny cat-ears sitting on her head.The funny thing was that she wasn't even Japanese.She was a tall,skinny,blonde chick.That incident left me so shocked that I didn't even notice that Brentanos didn't have the 8th Death Note.I got the 9th volume of Gravitation instead.

I stole away Andrew's DS Lite today and took it to school.I showed it Christy and Sydney this morning and they immediatly jumped right into a game of MarioKart.Later,Christy finished her history test like 45 minutes before I did and she kept moving her hands signaling that she wanted to play with the DS Lite.I,of course,didn't let her have it because I didn't want to explain to Andrew why my history teacher has his DS.

The D.Gray-Man anime is awesome and I will cry if the manga gets canceled because of plagerism.
The Death Note anime is awesome but it kinda creeps me out how Light Yagami has the same voice as Tamaki Suoh of Ouran High School Host Club.

One last note,we watched The Prince of Egpyt in Theology class and now I cannot get the tune of that Hebrew song that the kids sing in that movie.

October 6th, 2006


Naruto feh
I came to school today wearing a pink shirt.The pink shirt had a very lovely way of showing off the gifts God gave me.And all day I was trying to hide them.So,it didn't help everytime Christy saw me she yelled out,"CLEVEGE!!",as loud as she could.

The first issue of the newspaper was released yesterday.I am now a published journalist-thingy.I am on my way to being a fancy-smancy New York Times journalist.My next articles on soda can-tabs is going to move so many people to tears,I can feel it.

If I don't get the 7th volume of Genshiken or the 1st volume of Train Man this weekend I just don't know how I am going to survive the following week.

September 24th, 2006

The great debate

Naruto feh
It has been a while since I've angsted on this thing,hasn't it?Isn't that what Livejournal is for anyway?For angstity teenagers to whine about their horrible middle-class lives in America?Oh well,I guess I've been using it wrong then.Long past are the days of Katie Cockman trying to make my life a living hell.I just will not get a Xanga or update my dead MySpace.Rubbish blogs are they.

This Friday I will be braving the terroists and flying to Kansas City.I will be doing so with my brother Matthew.I can imagine it now.

Start of imaginary scenario

All the travalers sitting comfortably(or as comfortably as you can sit in coach)listening to their iPods and reading the emergency instructions over and over again because the boredom has already set in,when they hear a commotion from a few rows in front of them.
"They are cheesy!Used in commercials to promote cereal and stupid things like that!"yells an unusally tall female with glasses and brown hair pulled back in a pony-tail.She is standing up pointing at a man who looks to be about in his early-twenties.
"Oh?Might I remind you of the all those early ninities movies?Are you saying that those arn't cheesy?"he replies.
"Oh and those Disney movies are Oscar material are they?"she says back.
The young man narrows his eyes and says coldly,"Naruto sucks."
The girl responds,"Its the greastest anime ever compared to One Piece.Who ever came up with that show needs to get his head examined!"
"PIRATES ARE BETTER!"yells the man.
"NINJAS!!"the girl yells back even louder.

End of imaginary scenario

Be sure to watch for me on the news.

September 16th, 2006

My life as an anime nerd

Naruto feh
So I have finally given into tempation and made an account on fanfiction.net.

So,far I have written an one-shot and started a multiple chapter story.I think that I may of found my calling in life.Cheesy romance novelist!I can be like Yuki Eiri from Gravitation.

September 1st, 2006

The pep rally we had Friday was nothing but fab-u-lous.All the classes chose themes and the Sophmore's theme was 80's.I wanted pirates,but the theme they chose was fine.I just wore the ugliest,most unmatching outfit I could get together.All with my hair up in a side ponytail.Summer got angry at me because I didn't get the scrutchy three-pack,but she got over it.

I get my little slave for Latin on Wednesday.My little Gunther-baby,as I have already nicknamed her.

Oh and yes,Rachel has started to join Katherine and I on our little contests.

August 25th, 2006

Candy.Candy is delicious.

Naruto feh
"I will cut you up and feed you to the orphens!"-Angela
"Well it is bad that you want to cut me up...but at least you are thinking about the orphens"-Christy

Haha,I could quote them throughout this whole post,but then this post would be so flippin long.
I am pumped up for the pep rally on Friday.I wanted our class theme to be pirates but 80's was voted instead.I am going to have the most rockin costume of the whole flippin Sophmore class.It's so funny,Haley asked Mr.Hiett if he would do his hair in the Flock of Seagulls style.

Katherine L. is such a ho.She thinks she can beat me to my homeroom,my locker,and my pick-up site.Well,she can forget about that!I will continue to beat her!Muah!It must have been a funny sight seeing us run down the A hallway to our homeroom.Probably spooked quite a few freshmen.I know we scared Kelsey.Haha,Rachel gets so annoyed when she sees us competing,"You guys are crazy!",she says.

August 14th, 2006


Naruto feh
If the last titles on this list arn't real,Emma may have to choke a bitch.

Well nevermind,I posted this entry this morning and since then it seems someone has gone insane and screwed up all the episode titles.
I do find these interesting though.

"liek wtf tebayo" Dub naruto and japanese naruto meet eachoter int he war of the catchphrases

I eat babies! Sasuke's confession!

Your mom was a whore. Naruto learns the truth.

"brains tebayo" The adventure of naruto the zombie ninja

"dude where are the fucking mods" the time has come when this site is deemed useless

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